The 2019 Champ Show Premium is available for download here.

Move in for Champ Show is available starting SUNDAY, September 29th AFTER 1pm.

Please text stabling requests to Shayne Wireman at 760.310.1079

Once again this year, we will have Next Day Signups and Next Day/Same Day Schedules available. Next Day Signups allow trainers to sign up their riders in specific time slots to avoid ring conflicts. It worked really well last year resulting in a much smoother running show. We will also update the schedule several times during the day so that the online version of the signup schedule more or less matches with reality, taking some stress out of figuring out when you are going to ride.

Online Entry: Please remember to submit your online entries at DEADLINE is Thursday Sep 26!

We are not requiring a deposit check/funds ahead of time this year.  So just bring your check, cash or credit card when you check in at the show office next week!

As announced at our Annual General Meeting, the Wine Country Benefit Show counts as TWO shows towards satisfying our “A” Show requirement.

Do you need a waiver for Champ Show? Apply for a waiver via email to