The 2016 Champ Show Premium is available for download here.

Just the two page schedule can be downloaded here.

Please note that the printed version you may have received has an error – this year, we are making the San Diego ring at the Fairgrounds much bigger, so we are moving the more experienced classes there. The online version (link above) shows the correct location for the classes. In addition, two Crossrails classes on Saturday have corrected class numbers in the online version.


Once again this year, we will have Next Day Signups and Next Day/Same Day Schedules available. Next Day Signups allow trainers to sign up their riders in specific time slots to avoid ring conflicts. It worked really well last year resulting in a much smoother running show. We will also update the schedule several times during the day so that the online version of the signup schedule more or less matches with reality, taking some stress out of figuring out when you are going to ride.


Volunteers: We are in need of volunteers to help hand out awards during the show. PARENTS since you are a captive audience we hope you will consider donating some time. If you have to briefly slip away to watch your child compete during your shift we will cover for you! Barb Doyle is coordinating the effort so please let her know if you are willing to help out


Horsemanship Test: Hope everyone has started studying! This year the winners will receive a free spot in the USHJA clinic and a GSDHJA garment bag!


Trainers: Hunter Derby Jumps. Hope you are all planning on donating the use of a jump for the hunter derby this year! There will be a special award for the “best derby jump”. Please remember that your jump needs to be at the fairgrounds by Wednesday at noon. Greenery for the derby courses. We could really use some additional greenery! If you have some tree trimming to do we would love to get some evergreen or other type of tree cuttings.


Online Entry: Please remember to submit your online entries at by Sept 27th and TRAINERS don’t forget to contact Shayne Wireman with your stall counts by that date as well! 760-310-1079 or


Point Issues: We had a web site glitch since May and many attempts at reaching us via the web site failed to get to us. Please check your points and reach out to us again if you see any issues.  If you have attended any of the single day show where classes may have been combined please be sure your points were routed to the correct class.