GSDHJA Members and Trainers

Following is a current list of all GSDHJA members sorted by head trainer for the 2018 show year. Barn names in blue are links to the trainer's website. Scroll down to the bottom to see members for the next show year (2019).

Remember: All TRAINERS, HORSE OWNERS, and RIDERS must be members for points to count in ALL CLASSES. When entering a show, make sure the listed horse owner is a member. Trainers shown below in red have not yet paid their membership. If that is your trainer, you may want to bug them about that.

Kristin Barreto
(Peppertree Equestrian)
Shayla Williamson
John Berney
(John Berney Equestrian)
Alexa Appelbaum
Katy Boswell
(Hidden Fox Farm)
Anna Tynan
Debbie Bray
(Over The Rainbow)
Lynn Lacaze
Teri Cagle
(Hoof Haven Farms)
Kallee Alston
Teri Cagle
Tayler Diaz
Kaila Reeves
Savanna Sheffield
Julie Cecere Costello
Julie Cecere Costello
Colleen Collins
(Eclipse Equestrain)
Colleen Collins
Katie Emery
Mark Conley
(Concord Eq Center)
Mark Conley
Katelyn Macdonald
Lauren Macdonald
Grayson Pacelli
Stacey Pacelli
Maribeth Polese
Hollis Winkler
Alexandra Wojcik
Julie Costello
Alexandra Morrison
Sorella Sammartino
Kelly Covey
(Foxlair West)
Nancy Coker
Kelly Covey
Emma Early
Cynthia Estey
Jill Farinsky
Amy Kelley
Chloe Thompson
Laurie Cunningham
(Tahquitz Equestrian Facility)
Laurie Cunningham
Kit Cunningham
Lisa Hauser
Lainey Hauser
Hope Davis
(Camino Real Farms)
Olivia Lee
Graeme Dixon
(Rancho Cielo)
Piper Kriech
Hannah McGill
John Young
Miriam Doddridge
(Rancho El Camino)
Miriam Doddridge
Amy Drinco
(Hunter Valley)
Amy Drinco
Sofia Huey
Jenifer Duron
(Across The Rails Riding Academy)
Jenifer Duron
Kendall Marvin
Emily Esau Williams
(E E Show Stables)
Dayle Fischer
Sophie Marie McNally
Hailey Flowers
(Flower Hill Farms)
Hailey Flowers
Jenna Frakes
Christina Fuller
(Eastern Starr Farm)
Christina Fuller
Alexys Harmon
Sierra Lynn
Emma Neumann
Mia Payne
Hannah Stone
Alixe Garcia
(DVG Show Stables)
Mikayla Chard
Alixe Garcia
Mary Wenthur
Matt Griffiths
(Bluepoint Farm)
Kjersti Horais
Lisa Halterman
(Haven Farms)
Haven Farms
Lisa Halterman
Anna Young
Pat Lautenbach
Ruby Black
Kimberly Callaway
Megan Holliday
Courtney Holliday
Molly Jackson
Aubrey Jackson
Pat Lautenbach
Casady Spencer
Gretchen Vosburgh
Linda Levy
(San Diego Riding Academy)
Sarah Cline
Laura Hamilton
Robin Martinez
(Blackjack Farm)
Amy Schwartz
Tracey Martino
(Arrih Farms)
Giovanna Colombo
Erica Cooper
Kate Kaderabek
Tracey Martino
Mary Saavadra
Susan McArdle
(McArdle Equestrian)
Brandi Miller
Jason McArdle
Grace Miller
Virginia Mulvaney
(Mystic Equine)
Sidney Briski
Leslie Pinkerton Nelson
(Sterling Silver Stable)
Leslie Pinkerton Nelson
Noah Kai Nelson
Jessica Odom
(South Coast Equestrian)
Jessica Odom
Elena Sack
Shannon Pagliuso
(Equine Experience)
Maddy McCall
Shannon Pagliuso
Sandra Pake-Aguilera
(Venture Farms)
Lorelei Barry
Cheryl Pierce
(Pepper Creek Equine Center)
Tammy Bailey
Aldebaron Levin
Heidi Lundgren
Jessica Pierce
Cheryl Pierce
Charlize Solt
Laurie Ridge
(Ridge Farms)
Laurie Ridge
Cathy Robinson
Cathy Robinson
Jasmin Stair
(Jasmin Stair Stables)
Jasmin Stair
Penny Wahler
(Caballos Del Mar)
Mary Cohen
James Waldman
(Quail Haven Farms)
James Waldman
Wanda Weldy
(Royal Oak Stables)
Caitlin Fairbanks
Isabelle Khoury
Reese Newlin
Liz Seltzer
Peyten Seltzer
Jess Wentworth
(Royal Heaven Farm)
Vanessa Price
Jennifer Willson
(Cj Ranches)
Laurence Huntley
Debbie Terry
Shayne Wireman
(Chestnut Hills)
Hannah Belton
Shayne Wireman
No GSDHJA Trainer
Jeanne Benowitz
Claudia Berglund
Maile Burtech
Abby Shin
Madison Thompson

The following people have signed up as members for the 2019 show year: