Show Schedule and Show Managers

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Show manager contact information is at the bottom of the page. Click the show series links to go the show websites.

Please note that this schedule changes frequently. Always refer to this web page for the latest up to date information rather than relying on an outdated printed schedule.

Current Show Schedule for 2017

Date Series Location
Oct 16 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
Oct 29-30 Parkside Horse Show Norco
Oct 29-30* Galway Downs Temecula
Nov 6 Jumper Jackpot Imperial Beach
Dec 4 Pot of Gold Ramona
Dec 3-4* Galway Downs Temecula
Dec 4 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
Dec 3-4 Parkside Horse Show Norco
Dec 8-11 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Jan 8 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
Jan 7-8* Galway Downs Temecula
Jan 22 Pot of Gold Ramona
Jan 28-29 SCHC Vista
Feb 4-5 Signature Sycamore Trails SJC
Feb 17-19 SCHC Del Mar Fairgrounds
Feb 19 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
Feb 25-26* Galway Downs Temecula
Feb 26 Sweetwater Bonita
Mar 5* ECHO Lakeside
Mar 4-5 SCHC Vista
Mar 11-12* Galway Downs Temecula
Mar 19 Showcase Redlands
Mar 19 Pot of Gold Ramona
Mar 17-19 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Mar 26 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
Mar 25-26 Signature Sycamore Trails SJC
Apr 1-2 SCHC Vista
Apr 2 Sweetwater Bonita
Apr 8-9 Galway Downs Temecula
Apr 9 Pot of Gold Ramona
Apr 12 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
Apr 21-23 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Apr 29-30 Signature Sycamore Trails SJC
Apr 30 ECHO Lakeside
May 6 SCHC Rancho Riding Club
May 6-7 Galway Downs Temecula
May 20-21 Victory Rancho Mission Viejo SJC
May 21 Sweetwater Bonita
May 21 Showcase Redlands
May 23 Willowbrook Desert Hot Springs
May 26-28 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Jun 3-4 Signature Sycamore Trails SJC
Jun 4 ECHO Lakeside
Jun 4 Jumper Jackpot Imperial Beach
Jun 10-11 Galway Downs Temecula
Jun 10-11 SCHC Vista
Jun 19-21 SCHC Del Mar Fairgrounds
Jun 24-25 Signature Galway Temecula
Jul 2 Sweetwater Bonita
July 8-9 Victory Rancho Mission Viejo SJC
Jul 9 Showcase Redlands
Jul 9 Jumper Jackpot Imperial Beach
Jul 14-16 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Jul 29-30 SCHC Vista
Aug 5-6 Signature RMV San Juan Capistrano
Aug 13 ECHO Lakeside
Aug 18-20 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Aug 26-27 SCHC Vista
Aug 27 Sweetwater Bonita
Sept 9-10 Victory Rancho Mission Viejo SJC
Sep 10 Jumper Jackpot Imperial Beach
Sep 8-10 Horsepark Del Mar Horsepark
Sept 10 Showcase Redlands
Sept 16-17 Galway Downs Temecula
Sep 17 ECHO Lakeside
Sep 23-24 Signature Sycamore Trails SJC
Sep 25-Oct 1 GSDHJA Championship Show Del Mar Fairgrounds
Oct 14-15 Victory Rancho Mission Viejo SJC
Oct 21-22 SCHC Vista

* denotes SDSEL qualifying show
Strikethrough entries have been cancelled.


Additional Dates

Date Series Location
Jan 21 2017 GSDHJA Awards Banquet Bahia Hotel

The following is contact information for the people and organizations that run the various GSDHJA recognized shows.

Amy Drinco
(619) 518-7276
SCHC & Horsepark
Lance Bennett
(760) 510-1111
Cynthia Murphy
(949) 443-1841
Robin Serfass
(760) 753-0431
Galway Downs
Robert Kellerhouse
(951) 303-0405
Roberta Jackson
(619) 267-7477
Del Sol Classic
Mark Conley
(619) 246-1148
Victory Horse Show
Marcella Croopnick
(949) 230-0790
Lorilea Franklin
(760) 329-7676
Pot of Gold
Debbie Bray
(760) 207-5957
Jumper Jackpot
Michelle Motyl
(925) 895-2913
Gretchen Clark
(909) 798-9479
GSDHJA Championship Show
GSDHJA Secretary
Amy Drinco
1741 Balanced Rock Lane
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 518-7276
Email Amy
Betty Bullman
(951) 675-5340