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Please note this rule change only affects riders who also compete on the “A” circuit.

With fewer multi-day shows being offered at Horse Park and some early season show cancellations it was proposed that we lower the number of county shows required to attend the Championship show.  After polling the GSDHJA trainers (2/3 voted to reduce qualifications) it was decided that the “A” Circuit Rule would be amended this year (2018) to the following:

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We held the 1st annual GSDHJA Trainers Party in 2016 and it was so much fun getting everyone together in a social setting that we decided to do it every year!  Then somehow 2017 flew by and we missed last year.

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The TCP Clinic has been postponed to July 14 & 15, 2018.


PLEASE check your points often. We will correct all errors brought to our attention, BUT we can’t modify points too far in the past. Deadlines for submitting point corrections:

JULY 1st – for all shows from the start of the season through May 30th.

SEPTEMBER 1st – for all shows from June 1st through August 30th.

OCTOBER 1st – for all shows from Sept 1st through Sept 30th.



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Have you checked out The Equestrian Confidential yet? Founded by two GSDHJA members, EC is a proud supporter of GSDHJA and a dedicated hub for amateur riders in Southern California and beyond.

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The GSDHJA Annual General Meeting will be held Friday, February 23rd at 5:30 pm at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  This will be during the SCHC Horse Show.  All GSDHJA members are invited to attend.


Come join us for a fun day Saturday and Sunday Jan 13th, at Rancho El Camino, for a clinic with Benson Carroll. From Xrail Hunters all the way up to 3’6″. Call Linda Bentley or Miriam Doddridge for more information. Stalls available for overnight horses at $30.oo /night. Ride at $150.oo/day or $250.oo for both days, Trailering in at $15.oo/day. Auditing at $25.oo. Benson gives a GREAT lesson. Linda Bentley (760)803-2771 or Miriam Doddridge (760)685-0881