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Have you checked out The Equestrian Confidential yet? Founded by two GSDHJA members, EC is a proud supporter of GSDHJA and a dedicated hub for amateur riders in Southern California and beyond.

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The GSDHJA Annual General Meeting will be held Friday, February 23rd at 5:30 pm at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  This will be during the SCHC Horse Show.  All GSDHJA members are invited to attend.


Come join us for a fun day Saturday and Sunday Jan 13th, at Rancho El Camino, for a clinic with Benson Carroll. From Xrail Hunters all the way up to 3’6″. Call Linda Bentley or Miriam Doddridge for more information. Stalls available for overnight horses at $30.oo /night. Ride at $150.oo/day or $250.oo for both days, Trailering in at $15.oo/day. Auditing at $25.oo. Benson gives a GREAT lesson. Linda Bentley (760)803-2771 or Miriam Doddridge (760)685-0881


Interesting article about what judges look for written by two GSDHJA board members:




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Congratulations to Megan Holliday and Miracle Mike for winning the 2017 GSDHJA 2’6 Juniors Mini Medal Finals. A huge Thank You to Pat Lautenbach, Gretchen Vosburgh and Ashley Browning for helping Megan achieve her dream!



Costume (and other) pictures available at, and also at the trailer in the indoor arena.


Again this year at the Champ show, we have have Next Day Signups operating. We are starting slow with only the three Open Jumpers classes having online signups Monday night for Tuesday’s classes. All classes and rings will be operational with next day signups starting Tuesday night for Wednesday classes.

For trainers, this means that from around 6:00pm to 6:30pm the night before, you will be able to sign up your riders into time slots.

For trainers, riders and spectators, this means that you will be able to view schedules down to the individual ride times for each ring. This schedule will be updated a few times a day during the day so that it will more or less reflect reality.

Just use the menu entries under Champ Show above.

PLEASE NOTE: Stuff happens and rings can still run ahead or behind the schedule. Riders/trainers must always check in with the ring to see what’s going on.