Interesting article about what judges look for written by two GSDHJA board members:




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Congratulations to Megan Holliday and Miracle Mike for winning the 2017 GSDHJA 2’6 Juniors Mini Medal Finals. A huge Thank You to Pat Lautenbach, Gretchen Vosburgh and Ashley Browning for helping Megan achieve her dream!



Costume (and other) pictures available at, and also at the trailer in the indoor arena.


Again this year at the Champ show, we have have Next Day Signups operating. We are starting slow with only the three Open Jumpers classes having online signups Monday night for Tuesday’s classes. All classes and rings will be operational with next day signups starting Tuesday night for Wednesday classes.

For trainers, this means that from around 6:00pm to 6:30pm the night before, you will be able to sign up your riders into time slots.

For trainers, riders and spectators, this means that you will be able to view schedules down to the individual ride times for each ring. This schedule will be updated a few times a day during the day so that it will more or less reflect reality.

Just use the menu entries under Champ Show above.

PLEASE NOTE: Stuff happens and rings can still run ahead or behind the schedule. Riders/trainers must always check in with the ring to see what’s going on.


The San Diego International Film Festival is coming to San Diego October 4-8. This year, in addition to the usual wide array of interesting new films and indies that you won’t find anywhere else, they have four equestrian films. Click here to download a flyer that highlights the four equine films, and click the link above to go to the festival web site.

You can buy individual tickets to see certain shows, or passes for the whole film festival. Enjoy!


GSDHJA is hosting an informative and valuable clinic opportunity with Julie Winkle, licensed Hunter, Equitation, Hunter Breeding and Jumper judge since 1984. In addition, there is a Saturday night open dinner discussion open to all.

November 18 and 19, 2017 at the Del Mar Horsepark.


Since so many shows got rained out at the beginning of the season (and with fewer multiday shows on the calendar) the number of riders who have qualified for the medals is much lower this season.  Because of that we have decided to drop the requirement to 4 pts and 2 pts.

  • To qualify for GSDHJA 3’3 Jr/Am Medal, 2’9 Child/Adult Medal and 2’6 AA Medal Finals, riders must have accrued 2 or more points in that Medal Class during the current show season.
  • To qualify for the GSDHJA 3’0 Medal, Flat Medal, 2’6 Jr Mini Medal and 2’3 Green Rider Medal Finals, riders must have accrued 4 or more points that Medal Class during the current show year.

CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW / ‘A’ Circuit:  IF riders* and/or horses* also compete on the “A” circuit, they must meet ONE of the following 2 conditions in order to compete at the championship show:

  1. Have competed in at least four (4) GSDHJA recognized shows during the current show season OR
  2. Have competed in a great number of GSDHJA recognized county shows than “A” circuit shows.

*Riders must meet this requirement in order to compete in any equitation class, medal finals, and/or classes that year end points are assigned to the rider (walk trot – green rider).

*Horses must meet this requirement in order to compete in any Hunter or Jumper class (except walk/trot-green rider) including  the Mini Prix, Hunter Derbies and other spotlight/stakes classes.


Just a quick reminder that for the horse pointed divisions (all non-Achievement), riders, trainer, AND horse owners must all be GSDHJA members for points to count. So even if you’ve dropped out of the sport as a rider, please keep renewing if you are leasing out your horse!